Recovering Flood Damaged Farmland

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Intake and protection wall allow recovery of cropland

Situated at the convergence of the Kabul and Alinghar rivers in Lagh-man Province, Qarghayi District has enjoyed a long tradition of agricultural productivity, supported by an extensive network of canals.
However, decades of war left the canal system in a state of disre-pair. Floods quickly eroded the canal walls and farmers in the area lost thousands of hectares of ara-ble land, resulting in a shift to sub-sistence agriculture and a state of enduring poverty.

In November 2010, USAID’s Community Development Program (CDP) embarked on a project to repair 29 critical sections of canals and protection walls. As of March 2011, more than 20km of canal has been repaired, creating short-term employment for more than 2,000 local residents.

In the end, this project will recover more than 2,000 hectares of parched land--enough land to sup-port an additional 4,100 families.