Rapid Response Information Form for Emergency Response Initiatives


Executive Summary:

The situation in Afghanistan is hectic. Because of Taliban advance to the capital and all big cities and taking under control almost all country tens of thousands of people in fear of the new regime run to escape to neighboring countries Pakistan through Jalalabad Tajiskistan through Mazarı Sharif and Iran through Herat border crossings.

Because Taliban took control all border crossing points these people are stranded on the roads and bulks of them around the cities in border areas. Taliban confirmed that they won’t planning to take revenge and ll leave people safe in their jobs but no-one trusts them and it needs time to understand whether they ll keep their words or not.

For the moment Taliban permit relief organizations to assist those displaced and ensured that they won’t block relief activities that continue for already existing displaced people in Kabul, Mazarı Sharif, Kunduz, Herat and Takhar areas. IBC has a team in Kabul and Mazarı Sharif and he negotiated about continuing activities and got green light so ll continue the relief campaign. For the moment IBC has access to Mazarı Sharif where around 50.000 displaced people are in desperate position, Kunduz where 20.000 IDP s looking for urgent assistance and Kabul Karteizengi where around 15000 IDP s try to be accomodated in safety and later pass the borders to neighbouring countries The Project aims the provision of emergency food to those people stranded in those cities and countryside