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Ramadan donations already provide one million meals

LIFE for Relief and Development is pleased to report that donations collected for its Ramadan Food Basket Campaign have already provided meals to thousands of needy families across the globe.

In fact, the thousands of food baskets that have been distributed in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, will provide over one million meals to the poor, including many orphans.

As of the third week of Ramadan, LIFE reports the following food basket distribution:

Afghanistan-Hundreds of needy families in Nangrahar Province received food baskets

Iraq-LIFE distributed food baskets to thousands of families throughout Iraq. A massive mobilization of volunteers from local social service organizations was carried out to assist in the distribution of the food baskets, which were primarily reserved for widows, orphans, and the disabled.

Jordan-Hundreds of families in 16 refugee camps, cities, and villages have received food baskets. LIFE Jordan prepared the food baskets ahead of time and prepositioned them in storage units in the areas where they were to be distributed. On the first day of Ramadan, LIFE Jordan mobilized its entire staff, along with a corps of volunteers, to deliver the food baskets to poor families so that they would be able to break their fasts that day with a hearty meal.

Pakistan-In Peshawar, hundreds of families that were displaced by pre-Ramadan flooding received food baskets. An all-volunteer team coordinated the distribution.

Palestine-With the assistance of local partners LIFE was able to distribute hundreds of food baskets to families in the Gaza Strip, and several hundred food baskets to families in the West Bank.

Syria - Food baskets were distributed to Iraqi refugees and Palestinian refugees living in camps throughout Syria by LIFE Syria staff and an all volunteer team.

Sierra Leone-Large sacks of rice were distributed to the needy in several provinces across the country. Much attention was given to supporting orphans, the deaf, the blind, and those disabled from amputation.

LIFE wishes to extend its sincere thanks to all those who have donated thus far to the Ramadan Food Basket Campaign, and to encourage those who haven't donated yet to do so today as there are still many more hungry families to feed across the world.