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Qatar Charity delivers urgent relief aid to the Afghan people


Qatar Charity has delivered the first batch of urgent relief aid to the Afghan people, with further humanitarian assistance to be delivered in the coming days.

Delivered via Qatar Airways, the aid provides 15 tons of necessary foodstuffs to cover the needs of 10,000 families for a month.

Mr. Nawaf al-Hammadi, CEO's assistant for International Operations and Programs at Qatar Charity said, "Qatar Charity is closely following the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. We are mobilizing efforts to help Afghan people through urgent humanitarian intervention with the support of the Qatari community; especially after the great efforts exerted by the State of Qatar through its technical teams in operating Kabul Airport and other access ports, which allowed aid teams to reach different areas of Afghanistan." He added that Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), is the first NGO to deliver aid from the State of Qatar, stressing on Qatar people's keenness to support the brotherly people of Afghanistan. This batch is one of three set for distribution to help Afghan people overcome these exceptional circumstances.

Upon the COVID-19 pandemic in Afghanistan, Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the UNHCR in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, delivered urgent aid to help Afghan refugees in Pakistan mitigate the pandemic.

3.400 relief and essential health aid were distributed, benefiting 15.000 Afghan refugees in refugee camps. Added to that, food aid and hygiene items were delivered to 5.400 people in Khorasan camp of Peshawar district and 10.000 people in Baraki camp of Swabi district.