Provincial Youth Leader Mobilization for Peace and Justice

from Bond Street Theatre
Published on 07 Oct 2019 View Original

Designed to inform and engage communities in Afghanistan about their legal rights, the Provincial Youth Leader Mobilization for Peace and Justice project is being implemented by eight teams of youth from across the country, all of whom were trained in arts-based leadership during Bond Street's 2014-2016 Creativity in Action project.

Much of Afghanistan relies on traditional councils for justice and dispute resolution, with outcomes that are often arbitrary, discriminatory against vulnerable groups and impose overly harsh sentences. The Bond Street youth teams are spreading information about justice practices through interactive mobile theatre performances, radio plays, workshops, and other direct awareness-raising strategies, and are engaging local police, justice officials, religious leaders, students and the community at large in the project.

Shows are held in markets, parks and other locations where people normally congregate, and attract large audiences. Directly involving the audience in the play ensures that the information will be shared among friends and family.

The program is also attractive to students, and has encouraged scores of youth to tackle issues that have stymied local governments. Performances, particularly those at schools, are often paired with workshops on legal rights.

"Here we learned that it's not always about winning and losing...if we want to bring peace, we must never think of beating the other person." - Rasheed, participant