Planting seeds for a brighter tomorrow in Afghanistan

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Nurturing the agricultural sector


Afghanistan has a high dependency on agriculture. It is estimated that the industry employes approx 70-80% of the total population. Despite a decline in horticultural production levels, fruit, nuts and grapes still represent a significant part of many farming systems. This project was designed to assist farmers by tackling weaknesses faced by the industry such as providing assistance in cultivation methods, packaging standards, providing of planting material and other support services.


  • The recovery of the horticultural industry remains the main objective and is aimed at being reached though contributions from six demonstration orchards that would be given support. Additionally, six 'Nucleus Nurseries' are expected to provide plant material and an inventory of 'Germplasm' collection to be completed by the end of the project with a preservation centre established.

  • To ensure a collaboration between private and pubic sector, with developed horticultural policies.

  • To support farmers in the field of production and quality improvement, post harvest handling and marketing.


  • Hundreds of fruit trees sampling identified/collected and placed under a national collection spread over six locations in the country.

  • Over 1 500 Nurseries and 28 Nursery Growers Associations registered.

  • 250 Demonstration orchards/vineyards planted.