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Pathways to Adaptation and Resilience in South and South‑West Asia - Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2022 for ESCAP Subregions


CHAPTER 1 The shifting contours of the South and South-West Asia disaster riskscape

Key Highlights

  • The South and South-West Asia disaster risk landscape (‘riskscape’) is being reshaped by cascading and converging hazards under the disaster-climate-health nexus, increasing the vulnerability of populations to such hazards.

  • In South and South-West Asia, the total average annual loss (AAL) is estimated at US$ 161 billion in the current climate condition. This estimate increases to $217 billion under the moderate climate change scenario (RCP 4.5) and to $322 billion under the worst-case climate change scenario (RCP 8.5) (2020– 2059 projections).

  • South and South-West Asia witnessed an increased cascading risk of climate-related and vector-borne diseases, like dengue.

  • The projected economic losses from natural and biological hazards will impact the achievement of SDG 13 (all targets), SDG 14 (Target 14.2), and SDG 15 (Target 15.3) with ripple effects on SDG 1 (Target 1.5), SDG 2 (Target 2.4), SDG 3 (Target 3.d), SDG 9 (Target 9.1) and SDG 11 (Target 11.5).