O'Donnell announces new IR£8.49 million humanitarian assistance package

from Government of Ireland
Published on 18 Mar 2001
Liz O'Donnell T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs (with Special Responsibility for Overseas Development Assistance and Human Rights), has announced an unprecedented package of humanitarian and rehabilitation assistance to benefit 21 of the world's poorest and crisis-stricken countries.
Speaking in Boston she said: "When millions of Irish gather to recall St. Patrick and the endurance and achievements of our emigrants who fled famine and chronic poverty at home, it is right to acknowledge our special affinity and solidarity for the poor and dispossessed of today's world."

IR=A33.3 million of the overall package will be implemented in partnership with Irish and international NGOs including Concern, Trocaire, Goal, World Vision Ireland, the International Rescue Committee, the Halo Trust and Christian Aid Ireland. "As our aid budget grows, so too does our relationship with NGOs who have proven effectiveness in the field."

The field operations of International Organisations such as the World Food Programme, the Food & Agriculture Organisation, UNICEF, the UN High Commission for Refugees, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs are also being supported through their consolidated appeals in the amount of IR=A35.1 million.

"By front loading substantial Irish funding earlier in the year than heretofore to international agencies, we can be more proactive and timely in our response to emergencies. This strategic and cross cutting approach will be a feature of the aid budget as it grows and it also complements our active role on the UN Security Council in relation to countries in crisis."

In terms of its global spread (see summary attached), the package will assist many of those most affected by drought, flooding, conflict and landmines in the countries concerned - e.g. Afghanistan (IR=A3953,000), Angola (IR=A31.07 m), Mozambique (IR=A3405,000), Sierra Leone (IR=A3550,000), Sudan (IR=A3758,000), Democratic Republic of Congo (IR=A3500,000), Burundi (IR=A3500,000). It includes, among its beneficiaries, thousands of people who are internally displaced or refugees due to natural and man-made disasters.

Ireland Aid - March 2001

Summary List of IR=A38.49 million Humanitarian Assistance Package


Africa: IR=A35.435 million

Angola (IR=A31.07 million), Concern, GOAL, Halo Trust, UNICEF, WFP.
Burundi (IR=A3500,000), ICRC, WFP.
Democratic Republic of Congo (IR=A3500,000)UNICEF, WFP.
Eritrea (IR=A395,000), Concern.
Ethiopia (IR=A3250,000), WFP.
Kenya (IR=A3250,000), WFP.
Mozambique (IR=A3405,000) GOAL, Trócaire, UNICEF
Rwanda (IR=A3342,000), Concern, International Rescue Committee
Sierra Leone (IR=A3550,000), UNHCR, WFP.
Somalia (IR=A3462,000), Concern, IRC, Trócaire, World Vision.
Sudan (IR=A3758,000) Concern, ICRC, WFP, IRC
Tanzania (IR=A3250,000). WFP

Asia: IR=A31.34 million

Afghanistan (IR=A3953,000), Christian Aid Ireland, FAO, Concern, UNICEF, WFP
Bangladesh (IR=A3139,000), Concern
East Timor (IR=A3150,000), GOAL
Mongolia (IR=A3100,000) UNICEF

Others: IR=A31.5 million.

Iraq (IR=A3250,000), ICRC
Tajikistan (IR=A3250,000), WFP, FAO
El Salvador (IR=A3253,000), Trócaire
Bosnia (IR=A3156,000), IRC
Kosovo (IR=A3190,000), GOAL
Funding for short-funded emergency coordination as required in the field (IR=A3400,000) UN OCHA.

NOTE: A total of IR=A31,050,000 has already been disbursed by Ireland Aid this year in response to the Gujurat Earthquake in India. IR=A3500,000 has similarly been disbursed in response to the earthquake emergency in El Salvador, today's disbursement bringing that total up to IR=A3753,000 - continued seismic activity is disrupting the process of rehabilitation in that country.