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Nutrition information in crisis situations - Report number 12



Ethiopia - Food security improvement - A bumper 2006/2007 meher season has been forecast with an estimated cereal and pulse production of 20.1 million tonnes. This is about 50% above the average of previous five years. The number of people in need of emergency assistance in 2007 is, therefore, lower than in recent years and is estimated at 1.36 million, compared to 2.6 in 2006. Moreover, around 7.3 million chronically food-insecure people will be entitled to the Productive Safety Net Program.

Kenya - Food insecurity persists - Most parts of eastern Kenya remain extremely food-insecure after the floods that affected the area at the end of 2006. Moreover, as a consequence of the floods, these districts have also been hit by an outbreak of Rift Valley Fever, a disease that affects livestock and is transmitted to humans.