North-Eastern, Kunduz office Badakhshan Avalanche Incident Report No. 3


This report is produced by OCHA Afghanistan in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period place on 6-8 March 2012.


  • 50 people are reported dead and another 146 believed to be under the snow due to avalanche emergency in Dispay, Shaki District, Badakhshan province, which took place on 4 March 2012.

  • The numbers of the deaths are expected to increase as search and rescue operations have shifted to search and recovery due to the prolonged inaccessibility of the area.

  • As of 8 March (18.00 hrs) rescue teams from FOCUS have not managed to access the village due to road blockages and other difficulties in reaching the remote area.

  • The MoD has provided two air assets for the emergency operations in Dispay.

  • ANDMA and OCHA only managed to arrive at Shaki district headquarters and Rawak village, a five hour walk from the affected village.

  • The avalanche has further exacerbated difficult conditions in Shaki district, which has one doctor and one nurse for a population of 30,000 persons. Reportedly, the area has the highest maternal mortality in the world whereby for every 100,000 deliveries, 6,500 mothers lose their lives.


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