NGO Conference in Tokyo on the Reconstruction of Afghanistan Final Day

from Japan Platform
Published on 13 Dec 2001
Japan Platform
On the final day, 13th December 2001, the NGO Conference in Tokyo on the Reconstruction of Afghanistan began with the distinguished guests remarks.

First speaker of this session, Prof. Sadako Ogata, ex UNHCR commissioner and now the Prime Minister Koizumi's Special Representative for Afghan Assistance addressed the brief speech emphasized on the importance to fulfill the gap between the emergency phase to the reconstruction phase. She pointed out that Japanese government with US moved quickly for the international cooperation for the reconstruction process in Afghanistan to demonstrate the firm commitment to the long stability of the country. She also noted that the role of Afghanistan NGOs, Japanese NGOs and other international NGOs in the reconstruction process are quite important to convey the voice of the local community to the new administration body of Afghanistan.

There are other two speakers in the opening session, Mr. Yasuhisa Shiozaki, the political leader of Japan and the member of the house of Representatives, and Mr. Yukio Okamoto, diplomatic Analyst and Special Adviser to the Cabinet. Both speakers affirmed the contribution of Japanese Diet and the Government toward the reconstruction process of Afghanistan and they both shared the view that the voice of Afghan people and Afghan NGOs would have the positive role in the reconstruction process.

Following the guest remarks, the report on the working session appeals of both sector and regional working groups demonstrated the constructive and the fruitful results of the two days joint work of Afghan NGOs, Japanese NGOs and other participants. The session was co-chaired by Mr. Wuria Karadaghy, Senior Programme Coordinator, UNDP Afghanistan and Ms. Palwasha Hassan, director, Afghan Women's Education Center.

On the afternoon session, the announcement of a Comprehensive Appeal was proposed by Mr. Sayed Jawad Jawed, Director, Helping Afghan Farmers Organization, and Ms. Yukie Osa, Director General/Secretary General, Association for Aid and Relief (AAR). The participants of the Conference unanimously endorsed the Appeal. The complete text of the comprehensive Appeal of the Conference is also available on the ReliefWeb. The conference ended up with the closing remark of Mr. Abdul Salam Rahimy, Director, Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance.

On the 14th December, Afghan NGOs will meet Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Makiko Tanaka and will finish their short stay in Japan.

During the Conference the Conference and the voice of Afghan NGOs were widely covered by the Japanese and International medias.