New hydrological station at Qargha Dam to help manage Afghanistan's water resources

from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Published on 25 Mar 2008
KABUL, 25 March 2008 (Ministry of Energy and Water/FAO) - A new hydrological station was opened today at Qargha Dam near Kabul by the Afghan Deputy Minister of Energy and Water, HE Eng. Shojaudin Ziaie, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Eng. Mohammad Aqa.

The Qargha station is one of the network of 174 hydrological stations and 60 snow gauges and meteorological stations being supplied and installed around Afghanistan. The hydrological stations will measure water levels, precipitation, temperature and water quality in order to provide the information necessary for planning water supply, irrigation and hydropower projects, drought mitigation, operation of reservoirs, monitoring environmental trends and other water management activities.

'The installation and rehabilitation of hydrological stations in Afghanistan is a must for proper planning, development and management of water resources in the country,' said Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Shojaudin Ziaie at the opening ceremony of the Qargha station.

'There is no food security in Afghanistan without water security,' Mr. Shobair senior engineer of FAO added.

The hydrological station network is part of the nationwide Emergency Irrigation Rehabilitation Project, started in 2004, implemented by the Ministry of Energy and Water and funded by the World Bank and technical assistant of FAO. The aim of the project is to reduce poverty in rural areas by providing the water resources needed for the foundation for a dynamic rural economy in Afghanistan.

Parallel to the construction of the new hydrological station, reconstruction work was completed on the Qargha Dam. The water reservoir, aside from being a popular recreation site for the people of Kabul, provides irrigation water for 2,000 hectares of land, as well as water for the western part of the city. In the result of rehabilitation of Qargha dam, after 11 years, irrigation water is provided to Badam Bagh Research farm, Bagh-e Balah Garden and other irrigated areas under this dam.

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