National Operational Work Plan 1391 (2012/13)

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In 2002 the Government of Afghanistan entrusted interim responsibility for programme coordination to the United Nations, but as of January 2008 the Government through the modality of an Inter-Ministerial Board for Mine Action (IMB) also designated the Government Department of Mine Clearance (DMC) under the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) to work jointly with the MACCA. The MACCA and DMC co-located in 2008.

MACCA and DMC have responsibility for; maintaining the national database of hazard coordinating IP delivery of mine action services, recording and reporting implementation progress, and advocating for donor support to all IPs in Afghanistan.

Over the course of 1391 and 1392 the MACCA will be restructured to facilitate further integration with Government systems and processes. National staff sections and departments associated with coordination in the current MACCA will move into offices collocated with ANDMA/ DMC both in Kabul and in the regions. These core coordination elements will have no international technical advisors. The UN will provide some financial support to the restructured MACCA. The UN administrative, contracting and UNMAS / UNOPS representative elements in the current MACCA will shift to a UN mine action project office. The UN mine action project office will have no role directorial role in coordination processes or a role in speaking on behalf of the wider programme unless mandated by the Government. The UN mine action project office will have an advisory role for contracting of VTF projects.

The MACCA is financially supported through the Voluntary Trust Fund (VTF) for Mine Action managed by United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS). The UNMAS MACCA project is contracted through United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). The Director of the MACCA represents UNMAS in Afghanistan.

The MACCA has a close advisory role to UNMAS when UNMAS is seeking to design proposals for donors to the VTF. For the purposes of VTF funding the MACCA assists UNMAS to design either large over-arching proposals to support the MAPA on a large scale or proposals that are focused on one or two discrete projects.

UNMAS contracts the delivery of VTF projects through UNOPS. A UNOPS contract office, administratively supported by the MACCA, manages the delivery of all VTF funded projects. As to any donor office the MACCA provides progress, outcome, and quality assurance data to the UNOPS contract office.

On behalf of all IPs and all donors the MACCA prepares and publishes an annual report that encompasses all mine action activities carried out whether funded through the UN, bilaterally or commercially. The report therefore covers all mine clearance.