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Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation Meets Afghan Refugee’s Elders

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In this visit there were the representative of students, disables, women, investors and transport agent from different state of Pakistan they explained their problems and request from government to consider to their request.

Gathering 160 Elders from different groups of afghan refugee resident of Pakistan, launch in participation of minister of RR deputies, and other stakeholders and discussed about refugee’s problem.

These representative have been thought the original problems such as, insecure, jobless, lack of specific policy for investment and for afghan businessmen, lack of the shelter, no scholarship for the students, lack of the consideration of the government for humanitarian assistance for afghan refugees, and some of the representative have been thought improvement of national unity government peace keeping is the basic cause of returning and affrication of the afghan refugee from abroad to the country.

Request from the government to tack an action in this way, Sayed Alimi Balkhy after deep listening to these representatives and “said this ministry for the solution of the afghan refugee principle activities such as creating of share commission with the cooperation of the concerning sectors, with designing procedure of distribution of land and sending of that document for president signature and creation of an executive committee, and has done a specific plan for afghan refugees.

MoRR added this ministry for shelter, procedure of the distribution of thousands Jirib land in provincial RT in exception of the Kabul and Nangarhar provinces, for deserving afghan refugee and still have been distributing to 9000 numeral land in Samangan, Herat, Jawzjan, Parwan, Balkh, Kabul, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Laghman, and logar provinces line setup has done water network update drilled wells drinking water, retaining wall in various provinces has built.

MoRR emphasized behalf of the world bank, USD 110$ million for building of the RT via the ministry of public work (MoPW) USD 82$ Million behalf of the EU and 30 USD million behalf of Arabic 10 € Million Euro behalf of Germany for humanitarian of afghan refugees and displaced people.

Sayed Alimi Balkhy stated this ministry has been tried the behavior of Pakistan against afghan refugee with political issues irrelevant will not be given.

He emphasized the honorable; spontaneously returning of afghan refugees is priority of the national unity government