Market Price Bulletin, January 2012 (Reporting December 2011)

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  • Wheat grain retail price remains stable since July to the reporting month (Dec.11) mainly due to the stability of wheat prices on the global and regional markets. It is estimated that wheat grain price can get high in Afghanistan due to the poor 2011 wheat harvest as a result of the drought situation in the country but due to a good supply of wheat flour from the neighboring countries (Pakistan and Kazakhstan) prices remains stable so far.

  • Following the Wheat grain price trend, Wheat flour average price also remains stable or slightly decreased (1.6% on monthly average price). But increased by 52.5% above pre-food price crisis (Jan-Oct 2007) level. All cereals together are 54% higher than the pre-crisis level. The difference between wheat and wheat flour prices is worrisome which reflect low milling capacity in the country.