Malaria: Country Profiles

from Department for International Development
Published on 12 Jul 2011 View Original

Introduction to the profiles

DFID commissioned these profiles for health advisers in our country offices. Profiles were prepared for all countries where DFID has an office and where malaria is a public health issue. However, this is not meant to imply that DFID will have a malaria programme in any given country. This is not a policy document and does not represent DFID's policy position.
Further information on DFID’s policy commitments on malaria can be found here.
Please note that the interpretation of the evidence and the views expressed in these profiles are entirely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of DFID.
The profiles were written in October 2010 as rapid reviews from the Malaria Consortium, with minor updates and the separation of Sudan and South Sudan profiles in July 2011. The profiles should be read in conjunction with country data available in the World Malaria Reports published and updated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The profiles use evidence from multiple sources, much of which is country specific, and so profiles are not necessarily directly cross-comparable. Further, whilst peer reviewed evidence is used where available and appropriate, reported data is not necessarily from peer reviewed sources (for example, many profiles use data from national statistics bureaus or health department strategy documents).
For a broader and more detailed overview of evidence related to the burden of malaria and interventions, please see the accompanying DFID evidence paper Malaria: Burden and Interventions.