Afghanistan + 3 more

Korea announces its decision to provide humanitarian assistance for people of Afghanistan

1. Korea has decided to provide 32 million US dollars in humanitarian assistance through international organizations for Afghan people bearing the brunt of an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

  • Ninety-five percent of the Afghan population is suffering from food insecurity (WFP), and ninety-seven percent of the Afghans are expected to live below the poverty line by 2022 (UNDP).

  • The aid will be delivered by UN agencies to address the most urgent needs of Afghan people, mainly food, shelter and essential healthcare services, with the top priority placed on the most vulnerable population, including women and children.

  • Part of the funding will be directed to Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan to give them access to emergency assistance, such as food and healthcare services.

2. With the hope that the assistance will help relieve the suffering of Afghans, Korea will continue contributing to improving the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.