JMAS Afghanistan activities - Mar 2007

News and Press Release
Originally published
During the period of February 13 to March 15, JMAS Afghanistan found and blew up 6 mines buried underneath. We confirmed 30 more mines which exposes a part or the whole on the ground. Therefore, we expect 100 more mines would be found in the minefield of JMAS in charge.

Since we started the activity in 2007, the mines discovered were buried under the ground up to the depth of 10cm, so that it is unable to examine visually.

Those mines which can identify a part with eyes is easy to get effective information to know the characteristic of other mines buried underneath.

It will be a big clue for carrying out the safe mine-clearing operation.

The information of visible mines such as; presence of a mine belt, a direction, width, burial distance, will be a big clue to know the positioning of other under grounded mines .

Mines discovered are blown up by the plasticity explosive filled with a formation container.

In JMAS Afghanistan, we perform Community Awareness activity to teach danger of minefields.

We distributed the donated stationery to the total 150 of children, living in the minefield area, who participated in Community Awareness program.

Children receive pen one by one carefully as if they receive a valuable thing like graduation certificate in their hand.

Many children enter into the minefield so that they could earn money by picking up metals.

We would like to keep telling the danger of mines and right knowledge of it, not only to adult but also to children.

We are helped by warm assistance from all of you.

We appreciate your support very much.