Jan: 15 Afghan Civilians Wounded in Garmser District

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ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan


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KABUL, Afghanistan (Jan. 15) - Five Afghan civilians were wounded at the entry control point of Combat Outpost Sher in Garmser district, Helmand Province Wednesday.

ANA and ISAF forces warned a crowd of between 200 and 400 assembled civilians to keep its distance from the outpost. However a number of civilians in the crowd disregarded instructions, resulting in forces firing warning shots. Deliberative escalation of force procedures were followed, but one individual continued to ignore instructions, striking members of the combined force with a stick.

ISAF forces medically evacuated five wounded civilians to the nearby Forward Operating Base Dwyer treatment facility.

Separately, in Kandahar, a patrol suffered an IED strike. Immediately following the strike, three motorcycles approached the patrol at a high rate of speed. As escalation of force procedures were followed, the patrol perceived an imminent threat and shot and killed two individuals and detained four others.

In Kandahar last night, a joint security force searched a compound outside the village of Rahman Kahn, in the Zaharay district and captured a Taliban IED facilitator believed responsible for planning and directing IED attacks. The joint force also detained another suspected insurgent.

No shots were fired and no Afghan civilians were harmed in the operation.


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