Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Situation Report #04, May 2014

Situation Report
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• As a result of military operations by Pakistani forces in north Waziristan, there are reports of some 10,000 fam- ilies seeking refuge in Khost and Paktika provinces of Afghanistan. In its initial response based on UNHCR ver- ification, WFP has already provided immediate emer- gency food assistance to some 600 refugee families in Khost province. In addition, further food dispatches are underway to meet the needs of all registered refugees. WFP has a contingency plan and is ready to dispatch additional food based on the verification and identifica- tion of refugee families in the area.

• WFP will face a shortfall in September, and still needs US$50 million to ensure the continuation of relief and recovery activities to the end of the year 2014. Due to its emergency response to flooding in the north, as well as the expected influx of refugees due to ongoing mili- tary operation in north Waziristan by Pakistani forces, WFP needs additional resources to reinforce its pipeline.

• In response to heavy flooding in Baghlan province, WFP provided high energy biscuits to some 250 flood affect- ed families as part of its immediate emergency response in Guzargah-e-Nur district of Baghlan province. WFP also plans to deliver two months food ration to around 4,000 people affected by heavy floods in the district. The WFP food basket consists of wheat flour, pulses, vegetable oil and salt.