Islamic Cooperation For a Peaceful Future in Afghanistan - Factsheet


Years of violence and conflicts in Afghanistan have left millions of people dead and caused the spillover with significant reinforcement of violence, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan that caused more innocent people to be killed. Therefore, peacemaking and peace building, as viewed by the global Islamic scholars, Imams and civil society representatives, is a civic duty and Islamic obligation in support of the people of Afghanistan and their neighbors as they are moving toward ending the current conflict via negotiation and non-violence.

The conference, which launched a two year project inside Afghanistan, has created the needed space to connect Afghan Imams and civil society leaders with the broader global efforts, experiences and lessons learned toward achieving non-violence, uplifting the human condition, and offering social and moral support to ensure human dignity and just peace. This is essential at a time when stability in Afghanistan is prerequisite for regional prosperity, and this goal can be achieved only via a mutually respected alignment toward and investment in a shared vision for peace.