IRCS Ready to Scale up Services in Afghanistan

from Iranian Red Crescent
Published on 11 Sep 2018 View Original

KABUL, Sept. 11 (IRCS) _ Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is ready to expand its humanitarian activities such as health and education in neighboring Afghanistan.

During a visit to Kabul, IRCS President Prof. Ali Asghar Peyvandi met and talked with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on enhancing cooperation on Tuesday, September 11.

Iranian Red Crescent has two medical centers in the southwestern city of Zaranj, Nimruz, and the southern city of Qandhar, Qandhar, in Afghanistan.

Referring to medical services of the Iranian Red Crescent in Afghanistan, Prof. Peyvandi emphasized that these centers could be more effective for rendering health services to the patients. “We will talk about how these centers can bolster their influence [in Afghanistan],” said IRCS President.

Moreover, Peyvandi noted Iranian Red Crescent Society is ready to offer humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan people, especially to establish medical centers and implement educational plans.

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan appreciated cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Afghan nation and governance in various fields such as health and education.

“The two countries have good relations which are expected to be expanded by new memoranda of understanding,” said Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

Referring to Iran’s appropriate hospitality from millions of Afghan emigrants, he noted: "The Afghan government is ready to provide essential facilities for mutual activities between Iran and Afghanistan Red Crescent Societies to avoid interruptions in joint programs and cooperation.”

More than 2 million Afghan emigrant live in Iran and Iranian Red Crescent in cooperation with International Committee of the Red Cross to offer tracing and restoring family links for them if needed.

Equipping Iran Hospital

IRCS President also met with Dr. Ferouzudin Feroz, Afghanistan's Public Health Minister.

The two sides discussed Iran and Afghanistan cooperation in the field of Health and medical services.

Mr. Peyvandi also visited the building of a hospital made by Iran in Afghanistan, and said that its equipment would begin soon.

Dr. Davood Bagheri, IRCS Under-Secretary General of International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law and Dr. Hassan Safarieh, IRCS Under-Secretary General for Health, Treatment and Rehabilitation accompany Prof. Peyvandi in his visit to Kabul.