IOM - Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) Weekly Report (24 - 30 April 2019)

from International Organization for Migration
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Natural disaster Assessment and Response Update:


Total number of families verified: 1,132

Total number of families assisted: 164

Ongoing and Planned distribution: 968

Due to inaccessibility issues; ARCS initially agreed to assess Almar, Qaysar, Andkhoi, Qaramqul and Pashtoonkot districts but due to limited resources they were not able to cover the caseload, hence joint assessment team consisting of IOM, SCI, ACTED and DACAAR initiated assessment, So far 1,132 families were verified for humanitarian assistance, IOM distributed NFIs to 32 families identified in Andkhoi district, SCI distributed NFIs, DACCAR distributed hygiene kits and ANDMA covered food needs of verified 132 families in Qaramqul district while the assessment is on-going by government in Almar, Qaysar and Pashtoonkot districts.


Total number of families verified: 430

Total number of families assisted: 430

Ongoing and Planned distribution:

ANDMA reported damages to an unknown number of houses due to flooding in the morning of 04 April in Kishim and Darayem districts, the initial report also indicated damages and blockage of the road to some village in the district center. Two assessment teams consisting of IOM, ANDMA and WFP assessed the damages in Kishim district while the second team consisting of ANDMA, ACTED and WFP assessed damages in Darayem district. 241 families verified in several villages of Kishim district needing humanitarian assistance. IOM distributed, household items, blankets and emergency shelter while ANDMA distributed food items. In addition, 37 families verified affected in Darayem district, IOM distributed NFIs and ANDMA covered food needs of the affected families. ARCs initiated the assessment of the affected families in Teshken district, 152 families were found eligible for humanitarian assistance, ARCs distributed NFIs and WFP covered food needs of the affected families.


Total number of families verified: 764

Total number of families assisted:

Ongoing and Planned distribution: 239

As per initial report from ANDMA, 500 families were reportedly affected by flood in Obe, Gulran and Kushk Kohna districts on 14 April 2019, A joint needs assessment team consisting of WFP/ NPORRAA, WVI and ANDMA conducted assessment of the affected families on 15-18 April 2019. 764 families were identified eligible for humanitarian assistance, UNICEF will distribute NFIs to 239 affected families in Obe district, WFP will cover food need of identified families the need for NFIs and food for 525 families NFI remains gap which is being coordinated with partners.

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