IOM - Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) Biweekly Report (2 September - 15 September 2020)

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Natural disaster Assessment and Response Update:


50 families were reportedly affected by flood in Kama, Kuz Kunar, Dara-e– Noor and Achin districts on 02 September. Two joint team consisting of IOM, DACAAR, WFP-PAT, IRC and DG representative conduct assessment and identified four families eligible for humanitarian assistance. IOM distributed NFIs, WFP distributed food items and DACAAR distributed hygiene kits.


Per the initial report; 90 families were affected by heavy rainfall in Marawar, Shigal, Asad Abad, Dangam and Asmar district on 06 September. A joint team consisting of IOM, WFP, DACAAR,
ANDMA and DG conduct assessment that identified 26 families eligible for humanitarian assistance. IOM distributed NFIs and WFP covered food needs of the affected families on 15 September.


Following devastating flash flood in Charikar (P11, P12, P6 and P9) on 26 August that resulted in heavy casualties and damages to the dwelling, agriculture land and public infrastructure, seven Joint teams consisting of IOM, WFP, DACCAR, DRC, CARE International, UNICEF, ARCs and ANDMA initiated needs assessment. 1056 families (422 houses destroyed, 634 severely damaged) were verified in need of humanitarian assistance. IOM, DACAAR, DRC and WFP distributed NFIs, tents, emergency shelter, cash for food and hygiene kits to families. 35 families were also identified in Shinware, Ghorband and Salang districts. Over 500 petitions from Charikar were also received by ANDMA claiming to have been remaining from the initial assessment. Second phase of joint assessment teams deployed and verify 60 (16 houses destroyed, 44 severely damaged) families were identified by JAT and assessment conclude by 09 September. The distribution of NFIs, ES, food and hygiene kits for all 1,056 families concluded on 15 September.


Flash flood on 26 August resulted in destruction of dwelling and agriculture land in Chak, Jarliz, Diamirdad, Narkh and Sayed Abad districts. Joint teams consisting of IOM, WFP, DRC, DACAAR and ANDMA concluded the assessment on 29 August and verified 1014 families (68 houses destroyed and 946 severely damage) in Saidabad, Chak, Nirkh, Jalriz and Daymirdad who were eligible for humanitarian assistance. Four persons killed and another eight sustained injuries. IOM, DACCAR, ARCS, UNICEF and WFP distributed NFIs, tents, emergency shelter, hygiene kits and food items to 1014 families in Sayed Abad, Jalriz, Narkh, Daimirdad and Chak districts.

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