IOM - Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) Biweekly Report (17 Jun 2020 - 30 Jun 2020)

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Natural disaster Assessment and Response Update:


ANDMA reported a thunder-storm incident in Shinwar, Bati Kot and Haska Mena districts that killed two persons and two others sustained injuries. No damages to the houses were reported. ANDMA distributed food packages to the families who lost their family members.


As per the initial report from ANDMA; 47 families were affected by flash flood in Khas Kunar, Narnag, Chawki and Nurgal districts on 23 June, A joint team consisting of IOM, WFP-PAT, ANDMA, ARCs, DACCAR, RRD and DAIL conducted assessment and identified 20 families eligible for humanitarian assistance. IOM will distribute cash for NFIs and emergency shelter self repair/construction tool kits while WFP will cover food needs.

In a separate incident reported by ANDMA; 16 families were affected in Asadabad, Chawkay, Khas Kunar and Watapur districts on 14 June. A joint team consisting of IOM, WFP-PAT, ANDMA, ARCs and DACCAR conducted assessment and identified four families whose houses were partially damaged, The team recommended only food assistance which will be distributed by WFP.


As per the initial report obtained from ANDMA; 110 families were affected by flood in Mehtarlam, Alingar and Alishang districts on 23 June. A joint team consisting of IOM, ANDMA, WFP, DACCAR and ARCs conduct assessment that identified 45 families eligible for humanitarian assistance in Alingar and four families in Alishang districts. ARCS will distribute NFI and food items.


Per ANDMA report, a family was affected by heavy rainfall in Faizabad on 28 June. A join team consisting of IOM and ANDMA conducted assessment and identified the family in need of humanitarian assistance. IOM will distribute NFIs and emergency shelter while ANDMA will cover food needs.

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