IOM Afghanistan Situation Report #6, 16 - 22 September 2021



While humanitarian activities resume and are ongoing in multiple locations across Afghanistan to meet life-saving needs, access challenges persist, including limited participation of female humanitarians. Humanitarian airbridges swung into operation this week, and there were reports of commercial airlines planning resumption. Limited cash availability remains the most severe impediment to operations, despite announcements on increased withdrawal limits from commercial accounts; alternative solutions continue to be sought. The security situation remained extremely fluid, and volatile in the Eastern Region.

It is estimated that 634,000 people have been internally displaced by conflict around the country between 1 January and 22 September (source: OCHA, 22 September). Between 1 January and 22 September, IOM has recorded 912,869 undocumented Afghan returnees from Iran (902,587) and Pakistan (10,282). Between 16 and 22 September, 22,143 undocumented Afghans arrived in Afghanistan of which 1,138 from Pakistan and 21,005 from Iran. These returnees are part of a cyclical flow of movement across the borders: inward and outward movement to and from Afghanistan is not a new phenomenon.