IOM Afghanistan: Humanitarian Situation Report - Humanitarian Assistance Program (Reporting Period: 3 - 5 February 2017)

Situation Report
Originally published


As per initial reports, as a result of an avalanche in Barqol village, Ghumai Cluster, Maimai district (Darwaz Bala) at 01:OOAM, 03 February 2017, 10 persons from two households were killed, with 12 others sustaining injuries. The bodies were recovered by a FOCUS rescue team aided by the local community, while the injured were transferred to a safe area.

• 25 houses were reportedly affected (15 houses destroyed, 10 houses partially damaged). All the individuals whose houses were affected were relocated to a safe location in the village.

• The village is located approximately 100 KM from the centre of the district. There is no road access to the village at the moment.

• On 5 February, 25 trucks with 85 passengers were trapped by heavy snowfall between Shirab Kalan and Sari Sofa areas of Yaftal district. Reportedly, the trucks were going to Yawan district and were blocked due to heavy snow. Local police with the help of the community managed to clear the road and the passengers were rescued during the night.

Planned response:

As per the decision of the Provincial Disaster Management Committee (PDMC) meeting on 5 February, Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) requested the deployment of Afghan National Army (ANA) helicopter for delivery of relief items and transporting the injured individuals to Faizabad. Relief items were to include medical supplies and food and non-food items (NF1s). The helicopter flight was not possible on the specified date due to bad weather, and has been postponed to 6 February instead; IOM will be dispatching winter warm clothing, blankets and solar lanterns to 40 families (282 individuals); ANDMA will dispatch readymade food, and Agha Khan Health Services (AKHS) will send medical supply packages and medical staff.