IOM Afghanistan Humanitarian Assistance Programme Cumulative Report, January - December 2013

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from January – December 2013

242 Recorded Incidents

177 Assessed Incidents

13,272 Affected Families

90,505 Affected Individuals

5,383 Families Assisted

43,163 Individuals Assisted

10,000 NFIs Distributed

32 Provinces Assisted

Natural Disaster Affected and Displaced Families from 1 January to 31 December 2013

There were a total of 242 natural disaster incidents recorded across the country. Of which, 177 incidents were assessed through 561 rapid assessments ND Affected Families Breakdown by Region January - December 2013 conducted by IOM and its counterparts. In total, 13,272 families (90,505 individuals) were affected by natural disasters, of these 1,517 families (8,356 individuals) were displaced mainly by floods, drought, harsh winter and heavy rainfall in the Northern, Western, Southern, Central Highland and Central regions of Afghanistan.

In 2013, IOM assisted 5,383 families in need through the provision of 10,000 kits/modules, while a total of 5,099 families were assisted by other humanitarian agencies. In addition, IOM and other humanitarian actors will assist 2,790 families with winter warm clothing in the Central Highland region during the months of January and February 2014. The chart on the right indicates the breakdown of affected families per region, while the table below summarizes the types of assistance distributed to the affected populations.