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International confederation of midwives will help ministry of public health to provide sustainable health services [EN/Dari]

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Kabul, Afghanistan - H.E Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, Minister of Public Health, welcomed a delegation from the International Confederation Midwives to a meeting to introduce the Midwifery Services Framework developed by International Confederation Midwives to Afghanistan. The delegation included Ms. Frances Day Stirk, President and Ms. Pashtoon Azfar Zyaee, Technical Midwifery Advisor. The meeting was attended by nearly 50 participants from the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Martyrs, Government of Afghanistan, international and local NGOs, UN agencies, civil society organizations and other stakeholders in maternal, newborn and child health.

The Midwifery Services Framework for Developing Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn and Adolescent Health Services by Midwives will support the development and strengthening of midwifery services across all countries focusing on a quality midwifery workforce. As improving maternal and newborn health and strengthening midwifery are priorities for the Afghanistan government, the International Confederation Midwives has proposed this framework for consideration by the Ministry of Health to help support their efforts in addressing the need for sustainable, quality midwifery health services.

The implementation of the Midwifery Services Framework will be supported by the Ministry of Public Health and the Afghan Midwives Association in collaboration with the USAID funded HEMAYAT project and UNFPA.

Mr. Greg Adams, USAID’s Health Director, said in his speech that USAID is glad to stand with the Ministry of Public Health to assist in implementing a new framework which will help to bring sustainability in meeting the health care needs of Afghanistan.

Ms. Frances Day Stirk, President of the International Confederation Midwives, is delighted to have the interest of the Ministry of Public Health/ Afghanistan in the Midwifery Services Framework and welcomes this invitation. The framework is designed to assist countries to strengthen the midwifery workforce and quality of midwifery care and the International Confederation Midwives team looks forward to meeting midwives, Ministry officials, USAID, HEMAYAT, WHO, UNFPA and other stakeholders to share the framework to improve care to women and babies of Afghanistan.