Insurgency falls down in Afghanistan over past month

KABUL, Nov 22, 2006 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Militant activities have dropped down in Afghanistan over the past month, a spokesman of the NATO- led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Wednesday.

The daily number of insurgent attacks countrywide has dropped below 10 in November, and that of roadside bombings has dropped to two, while suicide bombings to 0.2, Maj. Luke Knittig told a press conference.

He also said no ISAF soldiers have been killed in this country since Nov. 6.

ISAF has said militants launched 18 attacks in this country every day from mid-September to mid-October including a total of 18 suicide bombings, while it did not give the daily number of roadside bombings in the period.

According to a high-level report issued on Nov. 12, insurgent- related security incidents in Afghanistan, which include the attacks of government and foreign forces against rebels, have reached over 600 per month by end-September, compared to a 2005 average of approximately 130 per month.

At the end of the fasting month of Ramadan on Oct. 23, elusive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar warned the Taliban would launch more attacks in the coming months, but the warning seemingly hasn't been turned into reality yet.

Over the past month, Afghan and NATO forces apparently have tightened security across the country especially in major cities like Kabul and captured quite a few terrorists.

Insurgence has killed 3,700 people in Afghanistan this year, a rate four times greater than in 2005.