Inauguration of Second Part of AREDP

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Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development

We were able to get 78 million US Dollars for the next three years to Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP) and to attract and obtain further aids in upcoming five years and we will cover all the provinces of the country through this program.

H.E Jarullah Mansoori Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development said the above mentioned sentence at the opening ceremony of the second part of Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP), which was held recently in Kabul, and further added:

Evaluation of World Bank and MRRD’s experts, shows that the first round of the program which was comprise of plan and measures, inauguration of provincial offices in the provinces of Balkh, Parwan, Bamyan, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Herat, and regulating the affairs of headquarters, was successful. Saving groups in different villages of the mentioned provinces are taking away the mobilization of villagers and had tangible achievements from the projects of AREDP.

Likewise, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development congratulated those 27 new employees who have been already trained through foreign experts and counted this process of the AREDP a step toward the solving of lack of challenges of professional employees in support of development and Small Enterprises, and emphasized on continuing of Marketing and commercial services courses and later building of credibility among Small Enterprise and Microfinance institutions, which were approved and supported by International Donors, participants of the ceremony and in charges of the program.

Rejoice and support of rural people, local authorities and support of international Donors will improve the activities of the MRRD for upcoming five years and all the villages of the country will be covered through this program and will make the villages to have outcomes not to be consumers. Rural Enterprises that represent the prolific culture of rural population will be developed, assets will be spent in productive activities and as a result every house will be the owner of revenue and incomes.

This program teaches the saving group that how to use their assets. After the establishment of savings associations through the members equivalent money will be collected, the program will give them money as Islamic banking system such as (Muzareba, Musharekat and Murabeha). This process will continue until to create an institution under the name of (Rural Development Bank).