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Improvised Explosive Devices, Trends and Issues: November 2011 in Review

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John Caldwell
Counter-IED Knowledge Manager

This document provides a summary of incidents and trends involving explosive devices as reported in various unclassified publications during November 2011. As this report seeks to share information of explosive events with the broader civil-military community, the use of the term IED has been expanded to include explosive incidents in general and is not restricted solely to devices that have been improvised. Related information is available at
Hyperlinks to source material are highlighted in blue and underlined in the text.

NATO’s Defence against Terrorism Centre of Excellence (DaT-CoE) reported 383 people were killed and 745 others injured from 265 reported global IED, vehicle-borne IED, or suicide bomber attacks during November 20111. Although the number of IED incidents and casualties as reported by the DaT-CoE is at the lowest level recorded over the past year (see figure 1), the numbers of people killed or injured by IEDs are not insignificant.
By comparison, there were 343 non-IED related global terrorism incidents in November that resulted in 405 deaths and 334 wounded.