Improving the Parwan 100 beds Hospital by providing equipments

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Mostly people in Parwan have economically difficulty and cannot afford to bear the expenses of the private clinics. Most of the people try to go to the government hospital for their health problems. Due to lack of proper funds and over crowdedness, the Parwan main hospital faces difficulties to accommodate all the patients especially children. Most of the patients from all over the Parwan province came to Parwan 100 beds hospital for the treatment. As children are more susceptible to the diseases so JEN focused more on child patients. In 2014 JEN facilitates the hospital by providing 10 children beds to the hospital by the support of KIWANIS fund. Apart from that JEN provided family planning training to the selected 15 midwives.

By providing more beds, patients can now avoid bed sharing which helped in prevention of diseases transmission between the patients. Eventually it helped in reducing the child mortality ratio and improvement in mother health in the province.

But still there is a need for further support to the hospital especially the children ward. This time JEN decided to provide 20 children beds and 27 chairs to the hospital by the support of Felissimo earth village fund. Beds will be provided to the children ward to facilitate child patients while chairs will be provided for the persons who are attending these child patients. Apart from that an 11 days training on IMCI (Integrated Management of Child Illness) will be provided to the 24 doctors from all districts of Parwan province regarding the issues of child patients which will help in reducing the child mortality ratio.

JEN is committed to bring the positive changes in the lives of the local people of Parwan province. All of the efforts show that it will bring improvement in the health condition of the community. By providing these facilities to the Parwan 100 beds hospital, the hospital can accommodate more patients in a better way.

Hanief Khan,
Senior Programme Assistant,
JEN Afghanistan Programme.