Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) Bimonthly Report (September - October 2014)

Situation Report
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HIGHLIGHTS (September—October 2014)

8 Recorded Incidents

5 Assessed Incidents

118 Affected Families

822 Affected Individuals

Overview of the Programme

IOM Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) was born out of the need to respond to the emergency and recovery needs of the natural disaster-affected and displaced communities’ country-wide, with its major aim being to save the lives and prevent further displacements. The humanitarian needs are addressed through the distribution of Non-Food items/kits (NFIs) and Emergency Shelter kits (ES). These kits are pre-positioned in 24 locations throughout the country for rapid distribution. Further, to enhance programme’s efficiency and accountability, IOM developed a comprehensive natural hazard incident database. The database efficiently supports HAP’s operational and monitoring needs, in addition to allowing swift in-formation sharing on natural disasters (ND) and movements of natural disaster induced IDPs with other humanitarian actors operating in Afghanistan. This report summarizes activities implemented and results achieved from September through October 2014.