Human Rights Day in Afghanistan

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Among many events across Afghanistan on Human Rights Day, more than three hundred people gathered in the eastern Laghman province to mark the day.

Officials, members of civil society groups, religious scholars, provincial council members, teachers, shuras and community elders from different districts of the province participated in the gathering in Mihtarlam, the capital of the province.

Lutfullah Mashal, the governor of Laghman delivered speech and said that during the last five to six years, human rights activists had played a vital role in the protection and promotion of human rights in the province.

"I highly appreciate the role of all those who involved in the protection and promotion of human rights in the province such as UNAMA, AIHRC, national and international non-governmental organizations working for promoting human rights and governmental entities such as the police, prosecution office and court," he added.

"The conflicts and the number of cases of self-immolation by women has drastically decreased. During last two years, we have only one case," he said

Ms Karima, one of the participants at the gathering said: "Every year, I participate in the celebration ceremony of the International Day of Human Rights and Women's Day, with a special enthusiasm, because this regime gave us a lot. I still remember the dark days during the Taliban regime. I will never forget the Taliban's oppression regarding women."

"During the Taliban time, I left my province, even my country, and migrated to Pakistan, because here in Afghanistan, we had no chance to work, and even, go out from our residence. I returned back to my province after the fall of Taliban," she added.

Mr Sayeed Jan, a government employee said: "If we compare the human rights and women's rights condition four to five years ago with the current condition, we will see a lot of positive changes and differences, not only in Laghman but throughout the country."

By Shafiqullah Waak, UNAMA