Helping those in need in Afghanistan

CAFOD has donated =A3150,000 to help families in Western Afghanistan badly affected by the current food price crisis

Millions of people in Afghanistan have been left hungry following a chronic drought which contributed to a 70-99% drop in wheat production, and a tripling of food prices over the past year.

CAFOD's funding supports the humanitarian response of our partner CRS Afghanistan, which works closely with vulnerable families in Western Afghanistan.

Cash for work

The grant will support 1,090 vulnerable families through "cash for work" schemes, which has the added benefit of also improving road and irrigation networks.

CRS Afghanistan also provides food and fuel vouchers for those unable to carry out cash for work activities - for example, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Britain's Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) recently warned that drought and high food prices in Afghanistan had created the conditions for a "calamitous famine".

Lucy Morris, CAFOD's programme officer for Pakistan & Afghanistan, says: "We are very concerned that people hit by food shortages and rising prices are at risk - especially as winter is now coming.

"We are entering a critical period for providing this relief, and we will continue to support the efforts of our experienced partner CRS Afghanistan over the coming months in helping those most at risk."