Help The Afghan Children receives AFAC grant

from Help the Afghan Children
Published on 30 Nov 2003
In October of 2001, President George W. Bush and The White House launched an initiative to provide assistance to the impoverished children of Afghanistan. This initiative, known as the America's Fund for Afghan Children (AFAC), called upon the children of the United States to send in $1 each for Afghan children. Working through the American Red Cross (ARC) and an international network of humanitarian aid partners, the Fund seeks to provide healthcare, education, and safe environments for Afghanistan's children.
The newest partner in this initiative is Help The Afghan Children (HTAC); a U.S.-based Afghan aid organization seeking to help Afghan children become educated, healthy, and productive citizens able to fully contribute to building their country's civil society.

In September of 2003, through the AFAC and the American Red Cross, Help The Afghan Children became the recipient of a grant in order to support operations of three HTAC sponsored schools in different regions of Afghanistan. The three schools to benefit from the grant are the Badakhshi School for Girls, Jamal Agha School for Girls in the Province of Kapisa, and the Karte-Parwan School for Girls and Boys in the capital city of Kabul. The funds will be used towards implementing four pilot educational programs within these schools. The programs include Peace Education, Health Education, Environmental Awareness, and Computer Literacy. These programs will complement the current educational curriculum designated by Afghanistan's Ministry of Education.

In response to receiving the grant, Help The Afghan Children's Executive Director, Suraya Sadeed, expressed her gratitude to The White House and the American Red Cross, "This is a much-needed investment in the future of these children's lives, and in helping them towards establishing a culture of peace in Afghanistan."