Helicopter on rescue mission crashes in the avalanche-hit area in Badakhshan

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According the provincial governor of Badakhshan, on 22 January at 08:50AM, a helicopter of MoD crashed in Shiwa area, Arghanjkhwah district, Badakhshan. The District CoP, the head of ANDMA, and two staff from the INGOs Agha Khan Health Service and FOCUS were on board. The helicopter crashed when it was about to land. According to the governor, the cause is not yet established. The aircraft was one of the two helicopters that were on mission to pick up seven people who are seriously injured due to cold weather.

Reportedly four of the passengers got injured. The second helicopter was not able to assist the injured passengers and had to return back to Fayzabad. The governor informed OCHA that he has requested ISAF/PRT to send a helicopter for a search and rescue mission, and to help transfer the injured people. However, due to the bad weather conditions, they are not yet able to assist.

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