The HC Interview: Afghanistan

Even as international military forces prepare to leave Afghanistan, aid organizations are still struggling to help millions of people cope with conflict, environmental hazards, fragile governance and underdevelopment.

Humanitarian conditions have steadily deteriorated in recent years, due to conflict and a series of natural disasters - including drought, flash floods, and other extreme weather. Increased fighting in 2011 has disrupted many essential services, and made the work of humanitarian organizations even harder.

The majority of Afghanistan’s 30 million people are chronically or acutely vulnerable – meaning they rely on outside assistance to survive. Despite deep insecurity, nine UN aid agencies and 47 NGOs have called for US$437 million in 2012 to keep the aid flowing.

Michael Keating, who has been the UN’s Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Afghanistan for the past five months, finds himself in the difficult position of balancing political realities with increasing humanitarian needs, in one of the most complex emergencies in the world.

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