Goat giveaway tackles Afghan poverty

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A pioneering animal husbandry scheme run by Tearfund is transforming lives among poor communities in Afghanistan.

Improved diets and better standards of living are resulting from the project which is targeting the poorest families in Kandahar province.

Each family that signs up to the scheme receives one goat and two chickens. They agree to give the second kid produced by the female goat to another vulnerable family in their community.

Khatool, who lives in a village a few miles from Kandahar city, is among those to benefit from the goat giveaway: 'When I received the goat from Tearfund it was pregnant and it was my hope that it would bear a female kid, so that I could help another family.


'After some time passed, I went to my backyard and I saw the goat with two female kids. It was a real surprise for me to see that and now I can help my neighbour, but I also have one to keep myself which makes me very happy.

'I am grateful to Tearfund for this and for their help towards others, paving the way for us to remove poverty from our country.'

In another nearby village, elderly widow Zalaikha appreciates how the provision of chickens has given her family new income opportunities.

Goats are providing income generating opportunities for poor Afghan families. Photo: Tearfund

'My family was one of the poorest families in our village,' says Zalaikha. 'I was growing older and disabled and, day by day, I was facing different problems. My family life was hard.

'The Tearfund people who came here were such helpful people. They asked us to take part in a workshop, explaining that it was to support vulnerable and widowed people, helping them to be healthy.

'I joined and learned lots of things. During the project, Tearfund helped us by providing different things, like seeds, shovels, goats and buckets, which were incredibly useful.

Incredibly useful

'Besides these vital things, Tearfund also gave us two chickens which produced many eggs. In the first two months of having these chickens, I collected 35 eggs and put them under my chickens to hatch.

'These produced 26 new chicks of which 19 were female. After a few months they were able to produce more eggs for my family to use to trade.

'Now we can buy our necessities from the bazaar using the money from the eggs that we trade and for this we're very grateful to Tearfund.'

The animal husbandry project is set to boost livelihoods for others as it is being rolled out in more villages. As well as this initiative, Tearfund is working in Afghan communities to improve water, sanitation and hygiene.