The Global Evaluation of Emergency Response Funds (ERFs) Volume II: Country Case Study Reports


This is one of five Country Case Study Reports that are mandated as a contributing part of the Global Evaluation of ERFs, which is taking place in the latter half of 2012. This case study report reflects the findings arising from a 10 person day mission to Afghanistan by a staff of two, one from Universalia and one from OCHA’s Evaluation and Guidance Section (EGS). Details of the mission can be found in Appendices I and II.

This Country Case Study Report is firmly focused on conditions in Afghanistan. While it is obvious that global conditions and the overall management system of the ERFs impacts on the delivery of services in Indonesia, this report will not directly address these global issues. Rather, how these global considerations affect the performance of the ERFs as a whole will figure largely in the overall report of this evaluation Universalia wishes to thank the management and staff of OCHA, that of its UN systems partners, donor representatives, government stakeholder and the representative of the NNGOs and INGOs who have generously given their time and opinions. Without them, this evaluation as a whole would not be possible.

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