"Frequently Asked Questions", a circular for Afghan refugees from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Question: What's an Employment Services Centre (ESC)?

Answer: An ESC is a place Afghans can go in Afghanistan for job-related assistance.

Question: Specifically, what kind of job-related assistance do the ESCs offer?

Answer: ESCs provide advice on types of employment, help with enrolment in vocational training programs and assistance in applying for jobs and information on self-employment (starting a business).

Question: Can any Afghan use the services of an ESC?

Answer: Yes, ESCs are open to everyone, and that means men and women, people with disabilities, people with no formal qualifications, recent graduates as well as anyone else.

Question: Are ESCs initiatives of the Afghan government?

Answer: Yes, the Afghan Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA), with the support of International Labor Organization (ILO), has developed this project.

Question: Do the ESCs provide lists of job vacancies in Afghanistan?

Answer: Yes, vacancies are posted at ESCs and are updated every day.

Question: What are the procedures to apply for a job through an ESC?

Answer: You have to prepare your CV (name, age, eduction, work experience, etc.), register your name and contact information with an ESC that, in turn, will send your CV to employers.

Question: Who decides the employers that will receive my CV?

Answer: The ESC vocational counselor who interviews you will decide whether you are suitable for a job vacancy and, if you are, will send your CV to the relevant employer.

Question: Can someone help me prepare my CV?

Answer: Yes, staff at an ESC will let you know the kinds of information you need and then help you prepare a proper document for submission to potential employers.

Question: Can anyone give me some tips to help me have a good job interview?

Answer: Yes, ESC staff offer guidance on approaching potential employers as well as preparation for interviews.

Question: Can ESCs help me pick a job I would like and explain what employers in that field look for when hiring?

Answer: Yes, ESC staff can assist you to identify what you'd be good at doing and they can also tell you what types of skills employers are looking for when hiring for various jobs.

Question: Do ESCs provide information on vocational training courses so that I can increase my skills in order to help find work?

Answer: Yes, information on types of courses, duration, cost, etc., is available at ESCs.

Question: Can ESC staff give me advice on how to start a business?

Answer: Yes, you can get information about starting a business and help in selecting the type of business that you're interested in having.

Question: Can ESCs refer me to business management training and provide advice on financing?

Answer: Yes, ESC counselors can refer you to business management courses and provide guidance on how to apply for financial assistance to get started.

Question: If I'm a refugee, can I call an ESC from outside of Afghanistan to have them help me find work in Afghanistan so I can return with a job?

Answer: Yes, however depending on your qualifications you may have more success if you actually meet with an ESC vocational counselor at one of the centers.

Question: Can ESCs assist employers in finding qualified staff to recruit and hire? Answer: Yes, ESC counselors can help identify employees by selecting suitable jobseekers from an extensive database.

Question: How much does it cost to use the services of an ESC?

Answer: The services are provided free of charge.

Contact Information for Employment Services Centres in Afghanistan

Kabul ESC, Flower Street, Shar-e-naw: 0093-079300541; e-mail:, or
Herat ESC, MoLSA Compound: 0093-79873155; e-mail:
Jalalabad ESC, MoLSA Compound: 0093-79848332; e-mail:
Kunduz ESC, MoLSA Compound: 0093-79873239; e-mail:
Mazar ESC, MoLSA Compound: 0093-79873196; e-mail:
Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA) ESC (Kabul): MoWA, Shar-e-naw: 0093-79300541
Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR) ESC (Kabul): MoRR, Kart-e-sey (near Darluman): 0093- 79007239; e-mail:, or

For more information, please contact Babrak Noorzad at 0093-70280568; e-mail: