Food for the Hungry's work in Afghanistan

A review of Food for the Hungry's presence in Afghanistan:
Afghanistan stills feels the effects of a three-year drought. With more than 6 million Afghans needing food assistance, FH assisted 652,635 beneficiaries in 2002.

Recovering from war and an oppressed government, Afghanistan struggles to survive without assistance. As refugees return home to a lack of resources and devastating conditions, FH and fellow partnerships are intervening in many areas of civilian life.


At the same time that Food for the Hungry began to operate in the Takhar Province, they formed a partnership with an important partnership based in Mazar-I-Sharif that has aided thousands of people.

FH worked with different partnerships from July until November, distributing food, repairing roads, manufacturing bricks, and constructing shallow wells throughout different communities. They had the help of the targeted communities in exchange for food rations. With the help of other organizations, four schools in the Faiz Abad district are being reconstructed for 3, 040 students. One school will provide adult literacy training for women.


Over 70,000 families benefited from non-food item distributions. These families included 2,000 affected by an earthquake, 351 following floods, and 1,610 returnees.

Takhar Province- Food for the Hungry partners with the Medical Emergency Relief International to distribute 300 bags of clothes throughout their feeding centers. Badakhshan Province- 2,800 blankets and 2,000 bags of family clothes were provided within partnerships to be given to 2,000 families affected by an earthquake in March of 2002.

By the end of the year, a total of 11,191 quilts, 65,610 blankets, 46,118 bags of family clothes, and 149, 832 pairs of shoes were distributed.

5,630,584 kilograms of food were distributed throughout three districts. Over 5,380 adults participated in community health meetings, with a total of 4, 121 hygiene and family kits that were distributed.