Floods kill 51 in Afghanistan

Kabul (dpa) - Heavy flooding and rains since last week have killed 51 people in 12 provinces of Afghanistan, said a government official Tuesday.

Anif Atmar, Afghan Rural and Rehabilitation Minister, told reporters in Kabul that the 12 provinces affected were in the central, northeastern and eastern region.

"Four thousand families have been affected, 51 people have died. More than 4,000 heads of animals have died and 2,000 houses have been damaged," Atmar said.

According to a report published by World Food Programme (WFP) only eight districts were severely affected in northern province of Badakhshan.

Thousands of livestock died, nearly 28,000 trees were wrecked and over 3,290 Jirib (658 hectares) of land laid waste by Thursday's storm, according to the WFP.

Atmar said that the government is distributing tents and blankets to affected families.

The organisation will distribute some 88 metric tons of food, including wheat, oil, salt and pulses, to nearly 9,000 people in the affected areas in the next month.

"Badakshan is one of the most remote and poverty stricken provinces in Afghanistan. The floods will have a devastating effect on people who already live with a great deal of food insecurity," said WFP Afghanistan representative Charles Vincent.

"WFP is working closely with the governor of Badakshan, regional authorities, other U.N. agencies and NGOs to ensure that the community will be rebuilt," Vincent said.

The WFP is also working to clear and rebuild the estimated 92 kilometres of roads washed away by heavy mud. WFP trucks are also collecting non-food items such as blankets, tarpaulins and tents from Faizabad airport and delivering them to flood-affected families, the statement said. dpa km sr pw


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