Flash Update No. 1, 25 August 2020: Conflict displacement in Kunduz, Afghanistan

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The next update will be released on 27 August.

Key Highlights

  • Approximately 7,500 families (approx. 52,500 people) have been displaced in Kunduz city and villages across Khanabad and Imam Sahib districts due to ongoing fighting. 5,000 families are seeking refuge in Kunduz city; 2,500 families are dispersed in remote villages of Khanabad.
  • Clashes between a Non-State Armed Group (NSAG) and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are now concentrated in Imam Shaib district, further displacement is likely.
  • 17 joint assessment teams are currently deployed in Kunduz with an additional 6 to be deployed to Khanabad and Imam Sahib tomorrow.

Situation Overview:

Since 16 August 2020, ongoing conflict between the NSAG and the ANSF in several villages of Khanabad district (along the Kunduz-Khanabad highway) and in Imam Sahib District (in the vicinity of the highway connecting Kunduz to the Sherkhan border (towards Tajikistan) has displaced approximately 7,500 families or 52,500 people. The direction of fighting suggests that Dai Qala district will be affected as well. Many families have been affected by multiple conflict events, further straining depleted coping mechanisms.

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