For the first time, students graduate from Turquoise Mountain's Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture

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Kabul, Afghanistan, December 16 -Thirty-two male and female Afghan students this Thursday will become the first graduates to complete their 3-year course at the Turquoise Mountain's Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture.

The non-profit, non-governmental institute is partly funded by USAID and is Afghanistan's only City & Guilds-accredited vocational institution.

The students from the Schools of Woodwork, Ceramics, and Calligraphy & Painting graduate with internationally recognized certificates, which provide them with important credentials as they seek successful careers as designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

The graduation ceremony will take place in late January, as part of the annual Induction Ceremony for new students. This traditional ceremony involves the swearing-in of each new student, and the ritual handing over of the traditional guild codes of conduct.

Turquoise Mountain has a comprehensive Graduate Opportunities Program to provide wide-ranging assistance to the soon-to-be-graduates as they secure employment and/or further study in Afghanistan and abroad. Many of our students have already found post-graduation positions. Two woodwork students are applying for a special eight-month apprenticeship to work as a woodwork apprentice in the royal castles of London and Windsor.

In addition to running the arts and architecture institute, Turquoise Mountain is regenerating the historic commercial centre of Kabul, Murad Khane, as a landmark project with economic, social, cultural, and political benefits.


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