First Afghan 'wind farm' holds promise for progress

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghanistan's first wind farm is due to open 10 November, supplying power for the provincial government in Panjsher and serving as a symbol of progress.

Partnering with the local Panjsheri workforce and a contractor based out of New Zealand, engineers from ISAF's Panjsher Provincial Reconstruction Team developed the $977,000 hybrid power generation and distribution system to provide running water, hot water and a septic system for the new government facility.

"The wind farm is significant because it offers an opportunity to study the feasibility of constructing larger megawatt wind turbines and serve as a 'working laboratory' for long-term study on wind power potential", Captain Jason Aftanas, chief engineer said .

The wind farm will also improve coordinating efforts within the provincial government.

"Now that power is being provided on a consistent basis to the new government facility, the governor's staff and key ministry personnel have moved into the building and are operating just a few doors down from one another", Aftanas said.

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