FACTBOX-Security developments in Afghanistan, Jan 17

Jan 17 (Reuters) - Following are security developments in Afghanistan as of 1350 GMT on Sunday.

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* HERAT - A district governor and five police - including a senior officer - were killed in a Taliban ambush on Sunday in Chesht Sharif district of western Herat province, the provincial police chief said. A Taliban spokesman said they had carried out the attack. [nSGE60G01W]

* KANDAHAR - Afghan and NATO-led troops killed 10 insurgents in a joint operation, backed by air assault and direct fire engagement, on Saturday in southern Kandahar province, the NATO-led force said on Sunday.

HELMAND - An air strike by a NATO-led force killed five insurgents during a clash involving Afghan troops in southern Helmand province, the Afghan defence ministry said on Sunday. There were no losses among foreign or Afghan troops, it said.

The Taliban could not be reached immediately for comment about their reported losses.

HELMAND - A land mine blast killed two Afghan soldiers in another part of Helmand, the ministry said.

HELMAND - NATO-led troops shot dead an Afghan civilian whose vehicle approached a convoy on Sunday morning in Sangin area of Helmand that has seen violent civil unrest over the past week, the alliance said.

KUNDUZ - Afghan troops killed a number of insurgents, including some foreign militants, during a raid in northern Kunduz province, the Afghan ministry of defence said on Sunday.

* KUNDUZ - German troops with the NATO-led troops fired at a car killing one civilian and wounding another inside it on Sunday in an area of Kunduz, provincial police chief Abdul Razaaq Yaqoubi said.

EASTERN AFGHANISTAN - A U.S. service member with the NATO-led force died of wounds on Saturday as a result of an engagement with insurgents in eastern Afghanistan, the force said on Sunday. (Reporting by Sayed Salahuddin; Editing by Bill Tarrant) (For more Reuters coverage of Afghanistan and Pakistan, see: (If you have a query or comment about this story, send an e-mail to


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