EU police mission in Afghanistan starts


The EU police mission to Afghanistan - EUPOL AFGHANISTAN - starts today.

It will be launched at a ceremony in Kabul on Sunday, 17 June.

The mission, which is led by Brigadier General Friedrich Eichele, aims at contributing to the establishment of sustainable and effective civilian policing arrangements that will ensure appropriate interaction with the wider criminal justice system under Afghan ownership and in accordance with international standards.

It will work closely with Afghan police officers, helping them to make practical arrangements for security and law enforcement in their areas of responsibility, and achieving tangible benefits for the Afghan communities protected by these policing arrangements.

To this end it will monitor, mentor, advise and train at the level of the Afghan Ministry of Interior, regions and provinces.

It will also work towards a joint overall strategy of the international community in police reform.

The launching ceremony will be held in Kabul on 17 June at the invitation of the EU Presidency and of EU Special Representative Francesc Vendrell and will be followed by a press conference with the Afghan Minister of the Interior, Mr. Zarar Ahmed Moqbel, EUSR Vendrell and EUPOL Afghanistan Head of Mission Brig. Gen. Eichele.