ERM Household Assessment Report, Samangan province, Aybak city

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Assessment Location: Samangan province, Aybak city

Type of crises: Conflict

Crisis Location: Dar-e-Suf Payeen district of Samangan province and Kunduz

Assessment Finding and Recommendation in brief:

Through DoRR alerts, close to thousand conflict inducted families have submitted their requests to department of DoRR Samangan who are displaced due to insecurity from their place of origin to center of Aybak city. Following the rapid joint assessment totally 50 families were recognized as genuine IDPs and the remained were prolong IDPs, therefore rejected by team. During the house to house interview, IDPs were claimed the main reasons behind their displacement were insecurity and extortion, which affected them to flee their place of origin. According to IDPs assertion they have lost their non-food while fleeing displaced to center of Aybak city and lifted their food stock behind as well. Since the displacement the families are accommodated in rented houses or host families but they have very poor facilities. Therefore, the displaced families are in an improper situation suffering from lack of NFIs as well as food items.


Based on assessment findings, the living condition of the families are very poor, none of them have food stock and NFIs. Thus, the assessment team recommended humanitarian emergency assistance to be provide as soon as possible.